EVP Hosts Conference of Private Universities

April 28, 2007

Contact: Ashley Lintelman, Office of Press Secretary for Student Government, (214) 458-5310

Baylor University's Student Government hosted fellow student leaders from Southwestern University and Texas Christian University at the Conference of Private Universities on April 14.

The conference was put together by Amanda Beattie, a member of the external vice presidential cabinet for the Baylor Student Government.

The conference served as a time to bring together leaders of private universities from Central Texas to exchange ideas and discuss relevant issues facing private universities. The conference also helped Baylor student government members build relationships with other private universities' student governments.

"It was refreshing to exchange ideas and build relationships with leaders outside of those typically encountered by (Baylor) student government, as well as to see relationships built that will have a positive impact on Baylor and all other schools involved," Beattie said.

Student leaders discussed their respective student government structures, accomplishments, struggles and ideas for improving student relations. Baylor was excited to establish relationships with schools outside of the Big 12, and Beattie said she hopes Baylor will continue to expand upon these new friendships in the upcoming semesters.

Keynote speakers included Liz Palacios, Dean for Student Development, on recruiting a diverse student body; James Odom, Office of Public Affairs, on increasing alumni funding and lobbying for funds; Lori Scott Fogleman, Director of Media Relations, on ensuring degree quality; and Dub Oliver, Vice President for Student Life, on leadership.

The conference participants also attended a Multicultural Leadership Summit luncheon with Regent Tommy Bowman and Chief of Staff to Baylor's President Karla Leeper.

"As external vice president, I have strived to build relationships with outside constituencies," said Allan Marshall, Baylor's student body external vice president and a senior political science major from Cuney, Texas. "I was honored to host TCU and Southwestern on our campus because it is vitally important to build relationships with other student governments. We hope that this conference of private universities can create a spark for future opportunities and possibly for an annual event at a different host campus."


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