Seniors Raise Funds For Courtyard Landscaping

April 18, 2007

Contact: Rose Olivares, Campaign Coordinator, Baylor University Senior Class Gift, (254) 710-2561

Raising a five-figure dollar amount is a challenge. Raising it in small increments, a suggested $25 per gift, is even more difficult. However, that is exactly what the Baylor class of 2007 is doing--and they have almost reached their $20,000 goal. The funds will be used for their senior class gift, landscaping the Draper/Old Main Complex courtyards.

"When we come back to Baylor with our children for Homecomings, we'll be able to tell our kids, 'I contributed to renovating this part of Baylor, to making it a better place for students after me,'" said Senior Class President Lefti Papavasiliou, a finance student from Houston. "We've enjoyed the time we spent here in the last four years, and Baylor has given us a lot, so this is a way to give back."

The two courtyards within the complex will be transformed into peaceful gardens for students, faculty and staff to enjoy. Features include trees, flowering bushes, flowerbeds and seating. Located in the heart of campus, the space will be ideal for relaxing with friends, study groups and prayer. Originally, the seniors thought they would only be able to landscape one courtyard, but the class has been so enthusiastic in their support of the project that they will be able to finance the renovation of both courtyards.

"The senior class gift is important because it brings together students from different departments and organizations to give back to Baylor," said Rose Olivares, campaign coordinator and assistant director of Baylor Fund. "We're very excited to step in and fundraise to help Baylor improve an area of campus that is central to all students."

This student-led initiative depends primarily on the efforts and contributions of seniors. In addition, many parents choose to honor their student's upcoming graduation by making a gift in their student's name. Recognizing that students often do not have a lot of money, but wanting to encourage 100 percent participation, the senior class gift committee is asking each senior to give at least $25.

"There is an old bench near the Burleson Quadrangle that was donated by the class of 1907. Their memory still remains after all these years, because they left something to symbolize their relationship with Baylor," Papavasiliou said. "With our gardens, the class of 2007 hopes to do the same thing--to show our commitment to and appreciation for Baylor."

For more information about the Draper/Old Main Complex courtyard gardens or to make a gift, please contact Olivares at (254) 710-2561 or visit You also may make your gift online through our secure site at

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