Baylor Displays Aviation Poster at State Capitol

March 15, 2007
News Photo 3987

by Frank Raczkiewicz

Call it a Texas celebration of Waco aviation.

Baylor University along with several other Waco companies have created aviation posters that will be displayed in the Capitol Rotunda in Austin March 19 - 23. The individual posters explain the role each company plays in the expanding Waco aviation industry. As a whole, the posters are meant to illustrate the significance and economic boon the aviation industry has brought to Waco and McLennan County.

"Aviation is one of the best chances Waco has to move forward economically, and Baylor is strongly supporting the Waco aviation alliance," said Dr. Truell Hyde, vice provost for research at Baylor. "We already have research and development in several aviation-related areas and we will only continue to strengthen that research."

Baylor's poster shows the vital role the university plays in each area of aerospace research. The seven areas highlighted are:

• Orbital debris research

• Advanced avionics research

• Spacecraft shielding research

• In-situ deep space instrumentation research

• Alternate aircraft fuel research

• Air quality research

• Turbine research

For more information, contact Truell Hyde at (254) 710-3763.

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