'Big Trial' Photo Feature

  • News Photo 1080
    Professor William Underwood questions Raymond Dan Sorey, standing, during a Practice Court II class, prior to the start of Big Trial. (Alan Hunt photos)
  • News Photo 1081
    Rossana Rolon Grau, left, discusses case with fellow attorney Spring Magsam.
  • News Photo 1082
    Watched by Professor William Underwood, seated rear, defendant's attorney Matthew Campbell, left, presents case with fellow attorney David Jones. Plaintiff's attorneys Kelly Erickson and Robin Duncan are seated right.
  • News Photo 1085
    Lauren Prince, plaintiff's attorney, questions witness David Scott Snellings, watched by Judge Jeff Ross.
  • News Photo 1083
    Plaintiff's attorney Steven Mason discusses exhibit with defendant's attorney Paige Casteneda during a case involving crop damage allegedly caused by helicopter spraying.
Feb. 8, 2003

by Alan Hunt

Baylor Law School students worked overtime, preparing their cases for "Big Trial" - a week-long program of "real world" courtroom battles where the future lawyers go in front of a judge and a jury to conduct themselves in a full trial process, defending or prosecuting, analyzing, and making convincing speeches to juries.At the end of the day, they either celebrate victory - or show grace in defeat.

Our photo feature shows a glimpse of this month's Big Trial action at Baylor Law School.

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