University Landmarks Featured In 'Christmas At Baylor'

  • News Photo 929
    "Christmas at Baylor' features a Chamber Singers' performance at the McLean Foyer of Meditation at Armstrong Browning Library.
  • News Photo 926
    The Mary Gibbs Jones Concert Hall in the Glennis McCrary Music Building.
  • News Photo 927
    Lighting specialists work on stage lighting for the "Christmas at Baylor" taping at Jones Concert Hall.
  • News Photo 918
    The Piper Great Hall at Truett Seminary during the taping of a "Christmas at Baylor" segment.
  • News Photo 911
    A painting of the "Last Supper" stands out among the Christmas decorations at Truett Seminary.
  • News Photo 916
    The fireplace in the Piper Great Hall decorated for "Christmas at Baylor."
  • News Photo 925
    Crews add a holiday touch to the atmosphere at Piper Great Hall.
  • News Photo 948
    Camera crews taped strolling carolers on Burleson Quadrangle from several angles.
    Clifford Cheney IV / Baylor Photography
  • News Photo 950
    A SteadiCam and jib capture the sounds of strolling carolers on Burleson Quadrangle.
    Clifford Cheney IV / Baylor Photography
  • News Photo 939
    Carolers stroll along Burleson Quadrangle.
    Clifford Cheney IV / Baylor Photography
Dec. 5, 2002

by Lori Scott Fogleman

Some of the most recognizable places on the Baylor University campus are on prominent display during the taping of the high-definition holiday special, "Christmas at Baylor."

Locations include Jones Concert Hall, Armstrong Browning Library, the Paul and Katy Piper Great Hall in George W. Truett Theological Seminary, and Burleson Quandrangle in the heart of campus.

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