Baylor Athletic Director Remains Hospitalized, But Condition Improves

Nov. 5, 2002

Baylor athletic director Tom Stanton, who was hospitalized Monday with a pre-existing atrial flutter, remained at Providence Health Center Tuesday. However, Stanton's condition had improved to the point where doctors had decided to treat him with blood thinners rather than perform a corrective procedure.

It is expected to take two or three days to regulate the blood thinners. Doctors hope to release Stanton by the end of the week.

"I appreciate all the cards, flowers and phone calls I've received," Stanton said Tuesday morning. "The doctors are taking good care of me and have allowed me to do as much work as possible, such as returning phone calls and checking my mail from here in the hospital."

An atrial flutter is a condition in which the heart beats 250 to 350 times per minute. This causes rapid, regular or irregular heart rhythms.

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