Baylor Receives TIF Grant For Technology Upgrades

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    TIF grants have provided better access to online information services in Baylor libraries.
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    Students working in electronic classroom
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    Improved technology in Jones Library
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    TIF funds enabled the School of Education to expand distance learning capabilities.
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Oct. 22, 2002

by Judy Long

Baylor University was awarded a grant of more than $350,000 from the Texas Infrastructure Fund Board for higher technology purchases. The funds will be used for high speed networking, Internet connectivity, multimedia research and online library services.

Last year, Baylor received nearly $800,000 in two TIF grants for campus and library technology, managed by electronic library director Tim Logan. A TIF discovery grant directed by Dr. Trena Wilkerson and Dr. Doug Rogers in the School of Education also was awarded $800,000, bringing the total of TIF money awarded to Baylor in the past two years to $1.9 million.

Some of the technology improvements funded by TIF grants are upgraded computer services, expanded instructional offerings and improved networking services on campus that provide better access to online information services. TIF awards also funded the establishment of wireless networking in 30 campus buildings, including every residential facility.

The School of Education has expanded distance learning capabilities, connecting to 17 Waco ISD schools through wireless video conferencing systems, benefiting teacher preparation.

The Texas Infrastructure Fund Board was created by the Texas Legislature in 1995 to establish and strengthen internet connectivity of Texas schools, public libraries, and non-profit hospitals. The board will disperse $1.5 billion in state money between 1995 and 2005. $1.2 billion has been awarded so far.

For more information, contact Tim Logan at (254) 710-6665.

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