Baylor Law School Pulls Off A Double Victory

Oct. 21, 2002

by Alan Hunt

Baylor Law School won two major moot court competitions the weekend of Oct. 19 - one held in Austin, the other in Chicago.

In Austin, the team of Kristine Bridges and Geoff Culbertson won the Texas Administrative Law Moot Court Competition, which is sponsored by the Administrative Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. Culbertson also was named Best Speaker. Nearly 20 teams from law schools all over Texas competed in the contest, the final round of which was judged by past and current justices of the Austin Court of Appeals.

The other Baylor team in the competition, Amanda Garrett and Grant Gaston, won the Best Brief award and placed fourth. The teams were coached by Adjunct Professor Kathy Serr and Professor Ronald L. Beal. This is the third time Baylor has won the Texas Administrative Law Moot Court Competition, which is now in its fifth year.

In Chicago, the Baylor team of Kerry Childe, Danielle Kujawa and Wesley Lotz won the 21st Annual Information Technology and Privacy Law Moot Court Competition, topping 33 law schools from all regions of the country and three from Australia. Professor Kent D. Streseman is the team coach.

"This double win of interscholastic moot court competitions - coming on the same weekend - is so gratifying," said Law School Dean Brad Toben. "These wins not only advance our high-profile advocacy program, but also are a testament to our students, who are so talented, and to our faculty, which is deeply committed to one-on-one work in preparing and mentoring our students for practice. These results in competition are a natural result of an educational program at the Law School that 'has it right.'"

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