World's Physicists Come Together On Baylor University Campus

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    l to r: John Roe, Sir Roger Penrose, Laurie Brown, Walter Wilcox, Richard Dalitz, Gerald Cleaver, Sir John Polkinghorne, John Baez, Donald Schmeltekopf, Greg Benesh, Truell Hyde, Don Page, Simon Saunders, John Roberts, David Olive, Bruce Gordon
    Photo By: Cliff Cheney / Baylor Photography
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    Dr. John Polkinghorne (left), who spoke at Baylor University's Dirac Centenary Conference, received the 2002 Templeton Prize from the Duke of Edinburgh in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace on April 29.
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    Cumrun Vafa and Gordon Kane
    Photo By: Chris Hansen / Baylor Photography
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    l to r: Don Page, Sir Roger Penrose, and John Baez
    Photo By: Chris Hansen / Baylor Photography
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    John Roberts (l) and Laurie Brown (r)
    Photo By: Chris Hansen / Baylor Photography
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    Oxford University's Richard Dalitz gave a biographical lecture about Dirac.
    Photo By: Chris Hansen / Baylor Photography
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    Dr. Cumrun Vafa of Harvard University spoke on "Dirac and Superstring Theory."
    Photo By: Chris Hansen / Baylor Photography
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    Baylor physicist Gerald Cleaver introduces a speaker.
    Photo By: Chris Hansen / Baylor Photography
Oct. 4, 2002

by Judy Long

The Dirac Centenary Conference, held Sept. 30-Oct. 2 on the Baylor University campus, brought together a dozen internationally known physicists to discuss aspects of physics theory.

Speakers included John Baez (University of California), Laurie M. Brown (Northwestern University), Richard Dalitz (Oxford University), Michael Dickson (Indiana University), Gordon Kane (University of Michigan), David Olive (University of Wales), Don Page (University of Alberta), John Roberts (University of Rome), John Roe (Pennsylvania State University), Simon Saunders (Oxford University) and Cumrun Vafa (Harvard University).

The conference was hosted by the Baylor departments of physics, mathematics, neuroscience and philosophy and the School of Engineering and Computer Science, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER), Sigma Xi scientific research society, the Program in Science, Philosophy and Religion at Baylor, the National Science Foundation, the McMurry University physics department and the University of Texas at Austin physics department.

Sessions from Baylor's Dirac Centenary Conference will be available soon at

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