Comedians Craig & Jake to Speak at Chapel Sept. 25

Sept. 22, 2006

by Jodi Cunningham, student newswriter, (254) 710-1961

Christian comedy duo Craig Gross and Jake Larson will share real life stories and spiritual lessons to Baylor University students during chapel services at 10 and 11 a.m., Sept. 25, in Waco Hall.

Known together as Craig and Jake, the pair uses a blend of comedy, video, stage performance and Biblical teaching to grab the attention of young adults and teach them about Jesus. Craig and Jake also reenact experiences from their teenage years and discuss the resulting lessons they learned.

Both Craig and Jake grew up in Sacramento, Calif., where they were strongly influenced by their youth pastor to pursue ministry. After the two graduated from Pacific Christian College, they founded Fireproof Ministries and

According to the web site, the mission of Fireproof Ministries is "to win people to the Lord as well as train and develop people to meet the unmet needs of the world through culturally relevant programs and ideas." The organization uses speakers, music and events to accomplish its goals.

Craig and Jake also helped establish, a web site dedicated to fighting Internet pornography. Referred to as a "Christian porn site," the web site contains scripture-based guidance and advice for those tempted by or addicted to pornography.

The pair has spoken to more than 1 million students, and they frequently serve as emcees, comedians and guests at church conferences, camps, assemblies, youth groups and rallies.

"Craig and Jake were an incredible contribution to the best Alive Conference of 3,000 middle school students we ever had," Bob Arnold said on the Craig and Jake web site. Arnold, the executive director of Youth for Christ in Baltimore, Md., says that students love the excitement Craig and Jake bring to the stage.

For more information on Craig and Jake or other chapel services, contact the office of university ministries at 710-3517. Chapel can be viewed live on the web at

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