Baylor University Sponsors Seminar--The Hard Truth About Professional Selling

Sept. 8, 2006

by Cynthia Jackson, (254) 710-7628

ATLANTA, Ga. and WACO, Texas - Is there a place in the future for salespeople? Or will they go the way of the streetcar conductor, the iceman and other obsolete service positions? Research recently conducted by The Centers for Professional Selling at Kennesaw State University and Baylor University has addressed the future of selling, and the hard truth is that selling is changing.

"The sales profession is dramatically changing," said Dr. Jeff Tanner, author and associate dean at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business. "Many organizations have cut their vendors by half in the hopes of increasing productivity and decreasing costs. Sales professionals need to adapt to these changing realities."

To address these changing realities, the Centers for Professional Selling at Baylor and Kennesaw State have partnered with BPT Partners to present "The Hard Truth about Professional Selling," a conference based on academic research and decades of real-world experience.

This one-day seminar will be hosted in San Antonio, Atlanta and Dallas this fall and will show sales professionals what and how to use the five trends that are shaping the future of selling.

"This program offers sales executives an opportunity to hear the latest about our profession from the leading researchers and sales leaders," said David Dubrof, executive vice president of sales at Cypress Care.

"This opportunity to team with BPT and the Center for Professional Selling at Kennesaw State University is the best match for sales professionals and our alumni," Tanner said. "When George Dudley and I wrote our book 'The Hard Truth About Soft Selling,' we identified a number of factors that have diminished the sales profession over the past two decades. But our research has led to many best practices that separate the best from the rest. Make no mistake, sales professionals are critical to the success of many businesses. We will show them how to adapt to the new realities of the customer-centric business ecosystem."

"This seminar hones in on the future elements sales executives need to continue to grow their business and be more successful," said Dr. Terry Loe, director for the Center for Professional Selling at Kennesaw State. BPT Partners co-founder and internationally-known business strategist Bruce Culbert, and executive coach and consultant, Dr. Patrick Schul, will join Tanner and Dudley in leading the conference.

Sponsors of the seminar series include: the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State and the Center for Professional Selling at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business. For more information about the "The Hard Truth about Professional Selling" one-day seminar, and to register for the program in a city near you, please click here.

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