President Bush To Hold Aug. 13 Economic Forum At Baylor University

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Aug. 5, 2002

by Lori Scott Fogleman

President George W. Bush will hold an economic forum Aug. 13 at Baylor University, bringing together government policy makers, business leaders, workers, economists, ethicists and others to discuss the fundamentals of the economy and the President's agenda to increase economic growth for the future.

The President will attend the forum as part of his month-long focus on his priorities of boosting the economy, protecting the homeland and winning the war on terrorism. Among those expected to participate in the forum are Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, Commerce Secretary Don Evans and several other Cabinet members.

The President's Economic Forum will feature breakout sessions on key economic issues including economic recovery and job creation, corporate responsibility, small investors and retirement security, small business and regulatory relief, education and workers, trade and agriculture, technology and innovation, and health care.

"It is a privilege and honor for Baylor to serve as host for President Bush's Economic Forum," said Baylor President Robert B. Sloan Jr. "It is a great opportunity for our faculty and students to be involved in such a high-profile and important event and to participate in discussions about ways to stimulate our country's economy. We look forward to working with the White House over the next week to plan a successful economic forum."

In addition to providing facilities for the forum, Baylor Business School faculty and students will participate in the breakout sessions and President Sloan will welcome participants to the campus on behalf of the university.

According to the White House, the mission of the President's forum is that "economic freedom is the foundation for individual success and prosperity" and that "the fundamentals of the American economy are strong because of the resiliency and determination of the American people."

The President has said that the nation is on track for sustained economic growth, but he will not be satisfied until every American who wants a job can find a job, and all Americans have economic security. The President's economic agenda invests in people by creating jobs, expanding opportunities to save and invest, providing a good education, and helping each American own part of the American dream.

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