Baylor eNews Digest Now Available To Subscribers

Aug. 20, 2002

by Lori Scott Fogleman

This service is no longer available.

Sign up now for Baylor eNews, your weekly online source of news and event information about Baylor University delivered to your e-mail box.

Baylor eNews provides students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, pastors and others with a simple way to keep up with the latest happenings at Baylor. Each week, the Baylor Office of Public Relations sends subscribers a short eNews digest with URL links to the full stories, as well as a calendar of events. Special eNews messages are sent to subscribers with breaking news information, so you're always informed about the latest Baylor news.

To subscribe to Baylor eNews, go to to create your Baylor eNews account. The user-friendly system also allows you to edit your information if you have changed your e-mail address or to unsubscribe at any time.

For more information, contact Stephen Rylander, director of online communications, at (254) 710-7248 or

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