It's A Girl!!!

  • News Photo 424
    Judge Sue Sloan, a 5-month-old black bear cub who will be known as Lady.
  • News Photo 414
    Baylor First Lady Sue Sloan, bear trainer Adam Ylitalo and Lady, Baylor's newest bear mascot.
  • News Photo 412
    Mrs. Sloan reacts to the news from bear trainer Adam Ylitalo that the newest Baylor Bear has been named in her honor.
  • News Photo 410
    President Robert B. Sloan Jr. and his family move to get a better look at the 5-month-old bear cub.
  • News Photo 409
    Lady is reluctant to come down from the tree.
  • News Photo 408
    The Sloan family makes the acquaintance of the newest Baylor Bear.
  • News Photo 407
    Lady enjoys the tree in the front yard of the Allbritton House.
  • News Photo 406
    Lady heads up a tree in the Sloan's front yard.
  • News Photo 428
    Mrs. Sloan pets 'Lady' for the first time.
  • News Photo 423
    Judge Sue Sloan, who will be called Lady, investigates some new plants in the Sloan's yard.
  • News Photo 420
    Lady rests briefly in the cool grass in the Sloan's yard.
  • News Photo 418
    Sloan family members greet the newest member of their clan. (L to R - Alathea, Sophia, Paul, Mrs. Sloan and President Sloan)
  • News Photo 417
    Lady finishes off another bottle of formula.
  • News Photo 416
    Mrs. Sloan feeds her namesake, Judge Sue Sloan.
June 25, 2002

by Clifford Cheney

The Baylor Family became one greater on Monday, June 24, with the official debut of the newest Baylor Bear, Judge Sue Sloan, at the president's residence, Allbritton House.

Photos By: Clifford S. Cheney IV / Baylor Photography Office

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