Area Students Compete In Bridge Building On Baylor Campus

  • News Photo 400
    L to R: Baylor engineering technician Dan Hromadka and University for Young People students Augustine Pena, Lance Gadlin and Brandon Moreno set up their bridge for testing.
  • News Photo 399
    Moreno positions the bridge with Gadlin's help.
  • News Photo 398
    Gadlin reacts as the winning team's bridge collapses under 39.5 pounds of weight.
  • News Photo 403
    University of Young People students Jashin Liu and Angela Cambell set up their bridge in the test machine with engineering technician Dan Hromadka.
  • News Photo 402
    Liu and Campbell prepare to measure how much water weight their bridge can withstand.
  • News Photo 401
    Liu adds water until the bridge collapses under 32.5 pounds of weight.
June 21, 2002

by Judy Long

Baylor's University for Young People, a summer enrichment opportunity for area youth sponsored by the Center for Community Learning and Enrichment, tested student-designed bridges June 14 as the culmination of the "Better, Stronger Bridges" class.

The ninth through 11th graders took the engineering design class for two weeks, building balsam wood bridges that were put to the ultimate test, adding weight until the structure collapsed. The group with the strongest bridge, dubbed "Tear It Up Part 3," won the competition with a bridge that held 39.5 pounds of weight before collapsing. Baylor's engineering department volunteered the testing equipment used to test model bridges built by freshman engineering majors.

The winning group was comprised of Waco residents Lance Gadlin, Brandon Moreno and Augustine Pena, all students in the Waco Independent School District. Lance Gadlin, a veteran of the UYP program, was pleased with his bridge but wants to take the course again and build an even better one. He also has plans for his college career. "When I come to college, I'm going to major in architecture, and I'm going to bring my bridge, so y'all better be ready," he quipped.

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