Student Government and Student Leaders to Hold Candlelight Vigil

April 6, 2006

by Lori Fogleman (254) 710-6275

Baylor University student leaders from Student Government and various campus organizations will hold a candlelight ceremony at 8 p.m. tonight on the front steps of the Bill Daniel Student Center on Fifth Street on the Baylor campus.

Students will observe a moment of silence and prayer for a fellow student, who reported being assaulted on Saturday by a white male in his mid-30s who used disrespectful ethnic and religious statements during the assault. Baylor police announced yesterday that they are working with the FBI on the investigation.

Students will light candles to represent both their love and support for their fellow student and their commitment to creating a campus where all students feel equally valued. Students also will be able to sign a book that will be given to her.

Student leaders who will be participating in tonight's candlelight ceremony include Hoda Said, Travis Plummer, Neal Merchant, Zainab Naqvi, Minal Shah, Irene Jivani, Melissa Perry, Shakeeb Mir, Kevin Nguyen, Mike Hamilton, Sushma Charania and Mark Laymon.

"When we learn of incidents such as this, it is essential for us to unite and show our indignation toward all forms of hatred and cruelty," the students leaders said in an e-mail sent to all students about tonight's ceremony. "We have an opportunity to make a difference by standing as a community and publicly announcing our intolerance for violent actions, especially those motivated by race or religion. We respect and value all of our students, and earnestly desire for them to feel accepted and safe on our campus. Now is the time to work together, support one another, and cultivate relationships with those around us. We are all part of a single student body, and this is our opportunity to function as one."

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