BU Team Ready For Brain Bowl

April 4, 2006

by Frank Raczkiewicz

After studying, analyzing and practicing for the past month, Baylor University's brain bowl team is ready for competition. The team, made up of four students all of whom are neuroscience and psychology majors, will compete for their fifth consecutive title April 11 in San Antonio.

"In the last few weeks, they've been reviewing everything they have ever learned in a neuroscience or psychology class," said Dr. Brad Keele, who is the Brain Bowl team's faculty adviser. "But the purpose of the competition is not who can learn the most in the shortest period of time, it's more about what have you learned throughout your college career."

The annual Brain Bowl is a Jeopardy-like quiz show competition that tests the knowledge of undergraduate neuroscience and psychology students from Texas universities. As the questions increase in difficulty, the penalty for guessing wrong increases as well. Questions cover five basic areas: neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, drugs and the brain, and the brain and behavior.

In past years, Baylor's team has been overwhelmingly successful. But this year, the team will compete against the University of Texas and the University of Texas - San Antonio, two teams that have respected neuroscience and psychology programs.

"I'm expecting the competition to be stiffer this time around," Keele said.

While the winning team may get a small trophy and bragging rights, Keele said all the students involved get one key thing.

"It's just one more extracurricular activity these students can put on their applications or resume that could set them apart from the rest of the crowd," he said.

This year's Baylor team consists of Lorena Maili, a junior from Houston; Michael Dyer, a senior from Missouri City; Megan Uhelski, a senior from Grapevine; and Aaron Chaloner, a senior from Hinton, Okla.

For more information, contact Brad Keele at (254) 710-2961.

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