Eric Evans to Lead Musical Exploration

March 31, 2006

by Laura Furr, student newswriter

Eric Evans, a music composition major, will lead his production, "Crumbs From the Table: A Musical Exploration," from 6 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, April 5, in the Marrs McLean Science building on the Baylor University campus.

Using his original style of fusing electronics with concert music, the compilation will explore Jewish philosophy in four movements, highlighting influential Jewish philosophers Hannah Arendt, Martin Bubuer, Abraham Heschel and Emmanuel Levinas.

The production carries special meaning for Evans, who was encouraged by his professor to write music instead of giving up in the course.

"When I took Dr. Ellis' Jewish philosophy class, there was an intimidating paper due at the end of the semester that I wasn't going to do. Dr. Ellis approached me and offered me the chance to use my talents instead of writing the paper," Evans said. "It was way more work than a paper but more reward for me as well."

Evans, who began working with electronic media in high school, discovered an appreciation for Jewish philosophy that he hopes will resonate with others. He finds inspiration through the insights of philosophers such as Abraham Heschel; who wrote,

"In our own lives, the voice of God speaks slowly, a syllable at a time. Reaching the peak of years, dispelling some of our intimate illusions and learning how to spell the meaning of life-experiences backwards, some of us discover how the scattered syllables form a single phrase."

The presentation is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the Center for Jewish Studies at (254) 710-2866.

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