Political Science Professor to Discuss Types of Terrorism

March 29, 2006

Dr. Victor Hinojosa, assistant professor of political science, will deliver a lecture titled "Types of Terrorism: Lessons from Colombia" at 4 p.m. Thursday, March 30, in Room 116 of the Draper Academic Building as a part of the Global Issues Lecture Series.

As an assistant professor of political science, Hinojosa specializes in Latin American politics and U.S. - Latin American relations. Having previously published on presidential impeachment in the U.S. and Colombia, Hinojosa recently completed a book manuscript on drug politics in U.S. relations with Mexico and Colombia.

The paper that he will be presenting is from a new project on terrorism and the armed conflict in Colombia. In the lecture, Hinojosa will outline the types of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that various groups within the state have engaged in. He will also identify a four-fold typology of terrorism and discuss state terrorism, terrorism in the context of an armed conflict, narco-terrorism and social cleansing or ideological terrorism.

"A careful study of types of terrorism is important in my view in order to understand how best to combat it," Hinojosa said. "Further, in a time where the very term is used as a label to brand the enemy, a careful conceptual discussion of the issue is all the more relevant. I hope that a careful discussion of the Colombian case will inform discussions of terrorism more broadly."

Dr. Hinojosa received his bachelor's degree from Baylor University in 1996 and his doctorate in international relations and comparative politics from the University of Notre Dame in 2003. He returned to Baylor in June 2003 as an assistant professor of political science.

For more information about Dr. Hinojosa's lecture or the Global Issues Lecture Series, contact Dr. Lizbeth Souza-Fuertes at (254) 710-4531 or Lilly_Fuertes@baylor.edu.

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