Baylor Sets Accounting Program For High School Teachers

Feb. 13, 2002

by Alan Hunt

About 50 high school teachers will gather at Baylor University Thursday, Feb. 28 to attend "Takin' Care of Business," a symposium sponsored by the department of accounting and business law, the Baylor School of Education and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

The seven-hour program will be held at the Cashion Academic Center at the Hankamer School of Business, with registration beginning at 8:30 a.m. The organizer, Dr. Charles E. Davis, chair of the department of accounting and business law, said the program is designed to provide high school teachers with information about the accounting profession.

"People typically have an inaccurate perception about the accounting profession," he said. "Contrary to popular opinion, accountants do not spend their days sitting at desks crunching numbers. Rather, accountants are generally working with clients and colleagues to assist them in making important business decisions. We want teachers to understand the skills and knowledge required of successful accountants so they can in turn communicate this information to their students."

A highlight of the symposium will be the presentation of an education program designed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Featuring 15 lesson plans and related student activities, the program links curriculum to real-world scenarios and is based on the academic content standards of the National Business Education Association and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Davis said the lesson plans are suitable for accounting, business, technology, economics, marketing, mathematics and social studies classes. The materials will be discussed by lead author Joe Bittner, a CPA and former high school teacher.

Similar symposia have been held at Brigham Young University, Kansas State University and in several other states and have received "glowing reviews," according to Davis. For more information call Davis at (254) 710-6138.

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