Brooks Village Fact Sheet

Feb. 3, 2006

Contact: Lori Fogleman (254) 710-6275

The new Brooks Village will accommodate 700 students in two new residential quadrangles:

• Brooks College is proposed as a traditional residential college, offering 384 students across all disciplines the opportunity to live and learn in a community that is faculty-led. Brooks College will be open to freshmen, as well as upper class students.
• Brooks Flats will accommodate 316 upper class students in apartment-style living similar to that in the recently completed North Village on the Baylor campus.
• The estimated cost to build Brooks Village is $42.8 million.
• The total square footage of the project is estimated at 252,163 square feet. Brooks College is estimated at 122,600 square feet, while Brooks Flats is estimated at 129,563 square feet.
• An 800-car parking garage will be constructed to accommodate the needs of residents living on the south side of the Baylor campus. The parking garage cost is estimated at $8.3 million.

Key Design Features of Brooks Village:

• Framed views of historic Pat Neff Hall from the site and the interior public spaces
• New Brooks Arch, incorporating a distinctive architectural element from Brooks Hall
• Traditional Oxbridge Quadrangles to serve Brooks College and Brooks Flats
• Existing healthy trees incorporated into a tree-lined path, connecting all residents to the green spaces and the core campus
• Incorporation of the Brooks bust from the existing Brooks Hall
• An academic walkway
• Brooks College Seal and a Brooks Flats Seal
• Enhanced Minglewood Bowl

Features in Brooks Residential College

• Traditional student rooms in single and double occupancy with semi-private baths
• 1 Resident Faculty
• 1 Resident Chaplain
• 12 Community Leaders
• Great Hall; Dining Room
• Chapel
• Library and Resource Center
• Seminar and Classroom
• Group Study Rooms
• Resident Lounges
• Junior and Senior Commons Rooms
• Multipurpose Room

Features in Brooks Residential Flats

• Apartment 'flats'; four students to an apartment in single and double occupancy bedrooms
• Full kitchens
• Social Lounge Space
• Hall Director Apartment

Features in Parking Garage

• Four-level parking garage with room for 800 vehicles
• Located, from east to west, between the Stacy Riddle Forum and Waco Creek, and from north to south between Eighth to Ninth streets
• Architecture similar to the East Campus Parking Garage
• 4,500-square-feet of retail space
• 5,500-square-feet of office space

Why is the Brooks Village an important part of Baylor's vision?

• Enhances the learning environment
• Moves Baylor toward a stronger residential campus
• Increases Baylor's ability to attract and retain top students
• Expands student life programming

What is a Residential College, and what is Baylor's model designed to do?

• Add to the diversity of residential options afforded to students;
• Create a cohesiveness and intimacy of a small school, while still enjoying the cultural, scholarly and spiritual resources of a large university;
• Encourage students to pursue a three- or four-year on-campus living experience within a unique residential community;
• Foster a heightened sense of community through a common dining experience and unique community spaces such as a Great Hall, Chapel, Library and Junior and Senior Commons Rooms; and,
• Provide a culture that fosters academic excellence, intensive faculty-student interaction and a rich student community steeped in Baylor tradition.

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