Decals, They Are A-Changin'

July 21, 1998

The Baylor Department of Public Safety (DPS) soon will be distributing redesigned parking decals for all University faculty and staff. Current decals will be invalid after Aug. 15.

Jim Doak, DPS director, said department personnel will set up tables at various campus locations in coming weeks to speed distribution of the decals, which also will be available at the DPS office in Robinson Tower. Distribution dates and locations will be posted in advance.

To receive the new decal, Baylor employees will need their Baylor ID number along with the vehicle's license plate number, make and model year.

Full-time or permanent part-time personnel will be limited to two decals. Adjunct professors and auxiliary services will receive one specially identified decal. Information regarding other regulation changes will be provided at registration.

Registration for the redesigned decals will improve efforts to update and maintain accurate records identification of faculty/employee (F/E) vehicles, Doak said.

More information regarding the distribution of new decals will be available here, or by contacting Baylor DPS at 710-2222.

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