Baylor Unveils Website On Baptist Life

Oct. 3, 2001

A new data resource about Baptists was unveiled Monday, Oct. 1, at Baylor University., managed by the university's program in Baptist Studies, is intended to be the largest accumulation of data about Baptist life and thought ever assembled.

" is intended to be a resource for anybody who at any level wondered about things Baptist," said Dr. William Brackney, chair of the religion department and director of the Baptist Studies program. "An elementary school student could use the website to obtain a brief history of the Baptists, while graduate students would be provided with a set of suggestions on where they could go to get resources on certain topics. For the scholar, there will be a massive bibliography. Baylor is the logical place to develop this resource, and we are delighted to have the opportunity."

The website, which will be developed in stages, will feature Baptist history, a roster of Baptist historians, a comprehensive list of historical sites, a list of Baptist educational institutions, addresses of archives and historical collections, key historical texts, illustration material and E. C. Starr's A Baptist Bibliography, among other items. The website is owned by a committee of representatives of several Baptist organizations and institutions, and content is provided by the BaptistHeritage Council.

For more information about the website, contact Brackney at (254) 710-6998.

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