New Baylor Television Commercials

Sept. 4, 1999

Baylor's Sept. 4 football game against Boston College, televised nationally on ESPN, marked the premiere of two new 30-second television spots, which are now available for download.

The spots feature footage taken from the high-definition imaging collected during the 1998-99 academic year for the upcoming HD film project "A Most Significant Journey."

The film, which premieres at Homecoming 1999, is the only high-definition project of its kind by a university. Following the Homecoming premiere, the film will be shown at several cities across Texas and the United States.

More information about "A Most Significant Journey" will be available online soon.

The spots are titled "A Hot School" and "Welcome to Baylor." They will air during Baylor football games this fall that are selected for television broadcast.

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