Roses In Bloom at Armstrong Browning Library

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Aug. 19, 2005

by Julie Carlson (254) 710-6681

With its stained glass windows and magnificent architecture, Baylor's Armstrong Browning Library has a gorgeous interior. But during the waning days of summer, the building's outside also is fantastic, thanks to the profusion of Butterfly Roses.

Faculty, staff and students can admire these lovely flowers while nibbling homemade goodies at the August Cookies and Blossoms party, the popular event that spotlights some of the university's outdoor beauty spots. This month's party, sponsored by Facility Services, will take place from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26, by the Pippa statue at Armstrong Browning Library.

"The plants celebrated are our almost two-year-old Mutabilis roses, a rose that dates from 1898," said Lynn Woodward, coordinator of campus advocacy for facility services, flower aficionado and Cookies and Blossoms hostess.

The single petals of the Mutabilis rose open sulfur yellow, change through orange to a rich pink and finally crimson. Bright, silky flowers of all these colors will often be on display at the same time, looking as if a group of multi-colored butterflies has settled on the bush. This aspect earned Mutabilis its common name-the Butterfly Rose.

The Cookies and Blossoms party takes place the last Friday of each month and is free and open to all Baylor faculty, staff and students.

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