Baylor University Statement on London Study Abroad Programs

July 7, 2005

by Lori Fogleman, (254) 710-6275

Baylor University Interim President William D. Underwood released the following statement today in regard to the university's summer study abroad programs in England:

Events in London today have drawn attention to the potential impact on Baylor University's international programs in England. Baylor officials have been in contact today with the faculty member leading the Baylor in Oxford summer study abroad program, which arrived in London yesterday, and the program's 25 students and two faculty members are all safe and accounted for.

Baylor has two additional programs that are based in or around London: Baylor in Great Britain and Baylor in England. Students and faculty in the Baylor in Great Britain program are currently traveling to London and then to Greece for a week before returning to England. A smaller group of students and faculty members in the Baylor in England program will depart for London tomorrow.

The safety of all of our students and faculty is of utmost importance. Based on the information currently available, Baylor has decided to continue to offer these programs at this time. Participants in all three programs have been extended the option of returning home from the Oxford program or not traveling with the other programs.

Baylor will continue to monitor events closely through the State Department and will make adjustments in the programs, if necessary, as new information becomes available. Parents or students needing additional information may contact the Center for International Education at (254) 710-2657.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those directly and indirectly affected by the events of this morning in London.

Baylor England Summer Study Abroad Programs:

Baylor in Oxford

Type: Group study abroad, Summer II, all majors

Dates: July 6-Aug. 11

Number of participants: four faculty members, 25 students

The group is currently staying in London. Next week, they will move to Oxford University.

Baylor in Great Britain

Type: Group study abroad, Summer II, all majors

Dates: July 7-Aug. 10

Number of participants: 11 faculty members, 150 students

The group is en route to London, then will fly to Greece.

Baylor in England

Type: Group Study Abroad, Summer II, Communication Studies

Dates: July 8-Aug. 10

Number of participants: two faculty members, six students

The group departs for London tomorrow.

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