Worldview Academy Returns To Baylor Campus

June 6, 2001

by Erika Snoberger, student newswriter

The Worldview Academy will make its third appearance at Baylor University from June 7-9.

Students ages 13 and up are eligible to participate in the academy, and approximately 150 students are expected to attend this summer's session. The academy, in its sixth year, features 10 similar camps nationwide and typically involves evangelical, Christian, college-bound students, many of whom will attend a public university.

On the basis of a national survey that found 30% of students reject their faith during college, the conference is a study in academic leadership with three focuses: foundational assumptions about reality, apologetics and evangelism, and servant leadership.

"We want to get past the cliché-driven faith and really understand why Christianity is the most reasonable faith," said executive director Randy Sims. "Some university campuses might be hostile to biblical Christianity. To be able to prepare kids not only for what they believe, but to understand where a professor might be coming from and how to defend their faith, is what we're after."

Sessions will be led by Sims, Jeff Baldwin, Bill Jack and Todd Kent.

Foundational assumptions about reality deals with comparing world views of faith. Students are taught how different cultures approach faith. Group discussions include the Christian, Islamic and New Age faiths.

Apologetics and evangelism shows students how to look at their own faith and defend it as well as share it with others.

Servant leadership targets the business end of the academy and helps students use what they learn to impact culture through service and leadership.

For more information, contact Sims at 1-800-241-1123.

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