Baylor Graduates Selected For Prestigious Washington Internships

May 3, 2001

Two recent Baylor graduates, Clint and Chrisy Currier, have been selected for the prestigious Presidential Management Intern Program, which allows recent graduates to intern with various federal agencies in Washington, D.C.

"Students selected for the Presidential Management Intern program come from the nation's leading graduate programs in public policy and administration, and we are very pleased to have two of our own students among this elite group," said Dr. James Curry, The Bob Bullock Professor of Public Policy and Administration and chair of Baylor's department of political science. "These internships provide invaluable job experience for graduate students and pave the way for a career in public service."

Chrisy McCorkle Currier, who is originally from Hope, Ark., received her bachelor's degree from Ouachita Baptist University. Her husband, Clint Currier, a native of Seguin, Texas, received his bachelor's degree in criminal justice from the University of Mississippi. Both received master's degrees in public policy and administration from Baylor. Currently, the couple are serving as legislative aides for Texas State Rep. Jim Pitts.

During their two-year stint in Washington, D.C., with the PMI program, Chrisy will work in the real estate division of the Federal Highway Administration, and Clint will intern as a management analyst for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Every three to six months, the pair will be allowed to rotate to different positions in various governmental agencies.

"We are both very excited about the prospect of moving to Washington, D.C., and working for the federal government," Chrisy said. "We chose the PMI program because of the many opportunities it would provide us in the future. The federal government sees the PMI program as a way to train future managers, and the rotational aspect will show us how different agencies and departments run on a day-to-day basis."

The PMI program was established in 1977 and is open to students who have completed a graduate degree in the last academic year and have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership potential and a commitment to a career in public programs. Those selected for the program receive a two-year appointment at GS-9 level (currently $35,000 per year) and are eligible for various federal employment benefits.

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