Baylor To Host Leadership In Free Enterprise Program June 4-7

June 2, 2000

Baylor University will host the Leadership In Free Enterprise program (L.I.F.E.) June 4-7.

The L.I.F.E. program focuses on expanding the economic literacy of student leaders by demonstrating how the United States economy works and benefits them. Students also are given training in leadership skills to become more effective on their school campuses and later in life. This summer, approximately 49 students from 26 schools, who are sponsored by 16 Rotary clubs throughout Central Texas, are expected to attend the program.

Students will experience hands-on involvement in free enterprise as well as classroom instruction. The classroom instruction is augmented by an impressive variety of speakers, films, educational simulations and recreational activities. A highlight of each year's program is field trips to various area businesses, which are headed by Rotarians. These trips allow the students to discover how business actually works and give them opportunities to relate to those who are managing the enterprise.

The L.I.F.E. program began in the summer of 1978 when 15 outstanding high school students from Waco public schools spent four days on the Baylor campus learning more about the American economic system and visiting area business leaders. The program is sponsored by Baylor's John F. Baugh Center for Private Enterprise, the Rotary Club of Waco and other Rotary Clubs in District 5870.

For more information, contact Susan Armstrong, L.I.F.E. program coordinator, at 710-6177.

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