Baylor Donor Credits Success To 'Good Iowa Farmland'

June 6, 2000

by Alan Hunt

Philip M. Dorr, who runs an Illinois-Texas firm of investment advisers has donated $250,000 to the business school at his alma mater, Baylor University, to help launch a new student-managed investment fund.

Dorr is a principal of Water Valley Investment Advisors Inc. and resides in Barrington, Ill. He graduated from Baylor with a bachelor of business administration degree in marketing and managemen and received a master's of business administration degree in finance and economics from Baylor.

"The participating students undoubtedly will have better career opportunities," he says. "But this plan is not without its hidden agenda. Ultimately, once the fund reaches a million dollars we are going to start giving scholarships, and the focus of that will be toward football, basketball and baseball players who are business majors."

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