Liberian A Capella Choir To Perform In Chapel Forum Feb. 14

Feb. 9, 2000

Baylor University will host the Liberian A Capella Choir in Chapel-Forum on Monday, Feb. 14, in Waco Hall.

The choir, an evangelistic outreach of African Christians Fellowship International, consists of 10 young men ranging in age from 18 to 25. The singers represent five of the 16 major tribes of Liberia. They sing in English, as well as several native African languages. The choir is unique in that six of the 10 singers are blind.

All 10 men are natives of Liberia, which is located on the west coast of Africa and has a population of approximately 3 million. Founded by freed American slaves in 1822, Liberia is currently emerging from a disastrous civil war in which 250,000 people were killed. Victims included women and children who were either killed or forcibly enlisted in the rebel military. Stability and hope is now gradually returning to the country.

Overcoming poverty, disease and war, the Liberian A Capella Choir brings renewed faith and joy to people everywhere. The choir's visit to Baylor is part of its tour throughout the United States. The goal of the tour is to inspire and motivate North American Christians to engage in a service relationship with the suffering and persecuted Christians in Africa.

For more information, contact the office of the dean of chapel at 710-3517.

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