Baylor Hosts Conference For Teachers, Gifted Students Feb 11-12

Feb. 4, 2000

by Lori Scott Fogleman

Baylor University's School of Education will host a joint "Interdisciplinary Creative Problem Solving Conference" for gifted students and their teachers Feb. 11-12, on the Baylor campus.

Teachers from throughout Texas will see how master teachers use the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS) to teach students an interdisciplinary curriculum. Teachers will observe ten laboratory classrooms as students in grades 8-12 are presented with a complex crisis and begin the journey of developing a workable solution to the problem. The conference also will give teachers the opportunity to participate in small group discussions, network with other educators and gather innovative teaching ideas and strategies for their classrooms. For attending the conference, teachers will receive TAGT Awareness Certificate hours and state required clock hours in gifted education.

During the gifted student conference, young people will interact with university experts, debate important issues and solve a crisis while meeting new people, working as a team and exploring a university. Student teams will develop a solution to the crisis they are given at the start of the conference, prepare a skit to share that solution with an audience and use the university's computers to design a brochure that outlines the solution.

For more information, contact Dr. Mary Witte, director of the Center for Community Learning and Enrichment, at 710-2171.

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