Philanthropy Weekend Honors Medallion Fellowship Recipients

Oct. 21, 1999

by Lori Scott Fogleman

Eight families who have given generously to Baylor University in ways that directly benefit students will be inducted into The Medallion Fellowship during the second annual Philanthropy Weekend banquet at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 22, at the Ferrell Center.

This year's Medallion Fellowship recipients are Mr. and Mrs. John Eddie Williams of Houston; Mr. and Mrs. Drayton McLane Jr. of Temple; Mr. and Mrs. Walker Harman of Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hawkins of Waco; Dr. and Mrs. Howard Dudgeon Jr. of Waco; Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlile of Marshall; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cunningham of Waco; and Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Jones of Austin.

Medallions are awarded based upon the cumulative giving of individuals or families, beginning with $250,000 and ranging beyond the million-dollar level.

The purpose of the weekend is to draw attention to the crucial nature of philanthropy to the Baylor experience for current and future students, said Dr. Randy Lofgren, associate vice president for university development.

"Fully 45 percent of the cost incurred by the university in providing a first-class educational experience is not being paid by students or their families," Lofgren said. "Without the generosity of alumni and friends, the cost of attending Baylor would be prohibitive for many current and future students. The culture of philanthropy within the Baylor family is critical to the success of the university moving into the future."

Lofgren said he hopes that all members of the Baylor family will find a way to give back some of what the Baylor experience has meant to them--"whether it be in time, effort, interest, energy, influence or financial resources."

Other events during Philanthropy Weekend include an Estate Planning Council luncheon and a meeting of the Council for Institutional Development on Saturday morning.

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