Baylor Alumni Association Presents Hailey / Ligon Family With First Families of Baylor Award

Sept. 30, 1999

The Baylor University Alumni Association will present the First Families of Baylor Award to the Hailey/Ligon family Friday, Oct. 1, during the intermission of the After Dark performance in Waco Hall.

The award will be presented by Baylor Alumni Association president D. Diane Dillard. The family will be honored at a reception in the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center after the After Dark performance.

Four generations of the Hailey/Ligon family have attended Baylor, including first generation student Robert (Bob) Hailey, one of the Immortal Ten. Second generation students include Helen Ruble Hailey Ligon, Emeritus Professor of Information Systems, and also an Alumni by Choice and Heritage Club member.

Third generation students include William Grady Ligon III and his wife, Diane Herring Ligon, both 1967 Baylor graduates. Grady and Diane were presidents of the Austin Parents League (1966) and presidents of the Baylor Alumni Club in 1997. They were awarded Baylor Parents of the Year in 1996.

The fourth generation of the family includes Grant Hailey Ligon, who graduated in 1995, and is the permanent senior class president and worked for the Immortal Ten Monument.

For more information, contact Paula Price Tanner, assistant vice president for communications and marketing at the Baylor Alumni Association, at 710-1490.

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