Library Exhibit Showcases Faculty/Staff Creative Works

Sept. 29, 1999

Baylor University will host its fourth annual "Baylor Authors and Artists at Work" exhibit from Oct. 4 through Nov. 15 in the foyer of Moody Memorial Library. Sponsored by the Baylor libraries, the exhibit will feature books, music and art works by 50 faculty and staff members who have published, commercially recorded or exhibited work between October 1998 and September 1999. Photographs of the artist or author and personal comments also will accompany each item.

"The exhibit celebrates that we are a community of learning," said David R. Rogers, chairman of the exhibit, serials librarian and instructor. "The individuals who created the work have gone through a learning process and now they will share that with others."

Baylor faculty and staff who will be featured in this year's exhibit include Karl Umlauf, Dr. Donald L. Bailey, Dr. Robert Baird, Dr. Michael Beaty, Dr. Clinton Bennett, Dr. James Bennighof, Dr. John Blakeman, Dr. Kenneth W. Busch, Dr. Marianna A. Busch, Dr. Richard Couey, Dr. James Curry, Robert Darden, Susan Dunkerley, Dr. Marc Ellis, Dr. Harry Elzinga, Dr. Millard Erickson, Dr. Barry Harvey, Dr. R. Duane Ireland, Michael N. Jacobson, Dr. John N. Jonsson, Krassimira Jordan, Dr. Naymond H. Keathley, Dr. Diana Kendall and Joyce King.

Other exhibitors include Dr. Roger Kirk, Berry Klingman, Dr. William E. Loges, Dr. John D. Martin, John D. McClanahan, Paul McCoy, Karen Mittendorf, Kathryn Mueller, Dr. D.E. Mungello, Dr. Roger E. Olson, Dr. J. William Petty, P. Denny Pickett, Dr. Earlene Rentz, Dr. Richard Riley, Terry Roller, Dr. Stuart Rosenbaum, Melvin Schuetz, Dr. Rebecca Sharpless, Dr. Mary Ruth Smith, Dr. Charles Talbert, Dr. Patricia Wallace, Dr. Charles A. Weaver III, Charles Wells, Stephen L.Williams, Dr. Daniel E. Wivagg and Dr. Terry W. York.

A reception honoring the exhibit participants and new faculty members will be held from 3 to

5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 7, in the Moody Library foyer.

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