Baylor Faculty Members Earn ASCAP Awards

Sept. 15, 1999

Baylor University faculty members, Dr. James M. Bennighof, associate professor of music theory, and Dr. Earlene Rentz, assistant professor of music education, were recently named as recipients of 1999-2000 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Awards. Dr. Marvin Lamb, former dean of the Baylor School of Music, was also named as a recipient.

These cash awards are made by ASCAP in recognition of the composers' recent performances, as well as the prestige of their entire collection of works.

Ken Cicerale, ASCAP awards coordinator, said these awards reflect the high esteem in which these composers are held within their individual fields.

"This is just ASCAP's way of supporting their composers," he said.

ASCAP awards are granted annually by an independent panel of judges.

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