Baylor University Statement Regarding Fox Verdict

June 8, 1999

by Larry D. Brumley

We are very gratified that the jury found in favor of the university and Judy Parker on the two defamation charges. In our view our students have been vindicated, and one of Baylor's primary objectives from the outset of this particular case - after the facts had been gathered - was to defend its students.

Although the jurors apparently concluded that Baylor made some procedural errors in its dismissal of Dr. Fox, we believe the relatively small financial award indicates that the jury agreed with the university's position that Dr. Fox should not be teaching at the institution.

We feel the verdict, at best, is a hollow victory for the plantiff and his counsel. Prior to this case, nine consecutive federal and state employment-related claims prosecuted against Baylor by plantiff's counsel were decided in Baylor's favor.

Baylor also is pleased that the court, prior to the start of this trial, dismissed Dr. Fox's claim that he was fired for opposing the institution's use of religious hiring criteria.

The university expresses its appreciation to the jurors for the investment of their time and energy to hear this case.

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