Texas Baptist Conference for the Deaf Celebrates 50th Anniversary

June 8, 1999

WACO, Texas -- Texas Baptist Conference for the Deaf (TBCD) will celebrate its 50th anniversary June 11-13 on the Baylor University campus.

TBCD is made up of deaf congregations around Texas and the many people who work with them. It is comprised of 17 deaf churches and 146 interpretive ministries. The purpose of this year's conference is to honor those who have been involved in this field for the past 50 years.

The main highlight of the conference will be a banquet during which the Rev. Carter Bearden Sr., a charter member of TBCD and a 1951 graduate of Baylor, will be recognized as the first president of TBCD. Four missionaries to the deaf in Texas and other states will receive recognition as well.

In addition to the banquet, TBCD will be conducting a business meeting for its members, worship services for those in attendance and various workshops for the deaf and for the hearing. Workshops for the deaf include "Preparing for Y2K," "Ministering to Persons of Alternative Lifestyles" and "How to Serve in Your Church." There will also be a panel discussion for interpreters which will feature interpreting procedures and methods.

The conference is open to the general public. The cost is $85 per person which includes meals and lodging on the Baylor campus. Rates are also available for commuters.

For more information, contact Bob Parrish at (214) 828-5392.

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