Baylor University Opens Hankamer Information Systems Center in Dallas

Sept. 22, 1998

DALLAS, Texas -- The Hankamer School of Business and the division of continuing education at Baylor University announce the opening of the Hankamer Information Systems Center in Dallas. The first initiative of the center is a Client/Server Technology Certificate (CSTC) program that provides graduates with the latest and most-demanded skills in the information technology field.

The Client/Server Technology program uses accelerated learning to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the client/server environment. Through hands-on experience, students learn client/server architecture fundamentals, relational database analysis and design, and network communications systems. They use key software tools (Visual Basic, Powerbuilder, and Oracle) to develop applications in a client-server environment. The CSTC program is available either as a full-time 40 hour-a-week program that runs 8 weeks or as a part-time 5 evening-a-week and every-other-Saturday program that runs 26 weeks.

"The Client/Server Technology program is Baylor's first corporate/university partnership developed in the interest of the quickest delivery of education and training. The program addresses a technical subject that is dynamic and in very high demand," says Dr. Reagan Ramsower, co-director of the Hankamer Information Systems Center in Dallas.

The center, located in North Dallas, utilizes a state-of-the-art computer laboratory that provides students with courses centered on extensive hands-on assignments and skills development. The Hankamer Information Systems Center in Dallas and the CSTC program is a cooperative effort between the Information Systems Department in the Hankamer School of Business, the Division of Continuing Education at Baylor, Linkage Inc. of Lexington, Mass., and High Technology of Dallas.

Additional information and applications regarding the CSTC program can be found at or by calling or writing the Client/Server Manager in Dallas at (972) 866-8858, FAX (972) 866-8996, 4100 Spring Valley Road, Suite 730, Dallas, TX 75244.

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