Professor Speaks About Public Expectations of the Presidency

Sept. 21, 1998

Professor Donald E. Greco of the Baylor University polital science department will deliver a speech titled "Presidential Entanglements from George Washington to Bill Clinton" at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, September 24, in Draper room 116.

The speech is part of the gender studies program at Baylor, and it will be a historical review of "lady companions" in the presidential mansion. Many Presidents other than Bill Clinton have had mistresses such as Thomas Jefferson with Sally Hemings and Warren G. Harding with Nan Britton, Greco said.

Although Greco will discuss these affairs to "pepper the discussion," the main subject of the speech will be what the public should expect of presidential leadership.

"There will obviously be some reference to Clinton, but I hope it doesn't dominate the discussion," Greco said. "The question I want to discuss is whether a failure of morals is also a failure of leadership in the presidency."

Greco also plans to talk about presidents as moral leaders and whether the president should be impeached when he behaves immorally.

For more information, contact Greco at 710-6043.

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