Committee Announces Search Process

March 18, 2005

The regent presidential search committee, in consultation with the advisory search committee, announces the following outline of the presidential search process, stated in general terms. The committee notes that as the search progresses, particular aspects of the process could change. The presidential search committee has requested the advice and counsel of the advisory search committee in three broad areas: gathering input from Baylor's various constituencies to develop a profile of candidate characteristics, gathering names of candidates, and participating in the candidate interview process. The presidential search committee has requested that the advisory search committee's advice and counsel be independent.

During the early stage of the process, the committees and consultant Korn/Ferry International will announce the search in national higher education publications, Baptist newspapers of wide circulation, and by some direct mailings. This is also the period when input by Baylor constituents will be requested to help the committee develop a candidate profile. Throughout the search process, candidate names will be received. The second stage of the search will begin the narrowing of the list of candidate names that is being gathered. In the final period, a limited number of interviews with candidates will further reduce the number of candidates.

The presidential search committee is committed to a process that takes no longer than necessary, but the process will be thoughtful, deliberate, and conducted with due diligence and due regard for the requirements of privacy insofar as candidate names are concerned. Additionally, both committees have pledged to use the search process to build consensus and unity among the Baylor family: students, faculty, alumni, donors, and other friends.

The committees plan a process that will report regularly through the Baylor website, Baylor Magazine, Baylor eNews, the Baylor Line, and other publications the progress that is being made with the search.

For the latest information on the committees' work, visit the web site of the Baylor Presidential Search Committee.

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