Four University Students Selected for International Study Program

April 28, 1998

Four Baylor University students have been selected as finalists and one student has been selected as an alternate for the 1998-99 National Security Education Program (N.S.E.P.). The four finalists are: Marlo Blackburn, a junior from Alsea, Ore.; Phil Helmbright, a junior from Oklahoma City; Leanne Koontz, a junior from Waco; and Anthony Migura, a junior from Yorktown. The alternate candidate is Nicholas Leone, a senior from Waco.

The N.S.E.P. is an international scholarship provided from a trust fund in the U.S. Treasury. It is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who wish to study in an area of the world outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. It focuses on geographical areas, languages and fields of study deemed critical to United States national security. Its objectives are to equip Americans with an understanding of less commonly taught languages and cultures, to build a critical base of future leaders both in the marketplace and in government service and to develop a cadre of professionals with "more-than-traditional" knowledge of language and culture.

The four university finalists have announced their country and university of study as follows: Blackburn will study in China at Yunnan Institute in Kunming; Helbright will study in Russia at St. Petersburg State University; Koontz will study in Korea at Yonsei University in Seoul; and Migura will study in Japan at Waseda University in Tokyo.

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