"Theory of Constraints" Author to Lecture at Baylor

March 11, 1998

by Alan Hunt

About 200 college professors from across Texas are expected to attend a seminar at Baylor University Friday, March 20, presented by Dr. Eli Goldratt, internationally acclaimed author of the book, "Theory of Constraints."

The program, scheduled for 2-5 p.m., will be held at Kayser Auditorium in the Hankamer School of Business. Goldratt, who is a physicist by training, has authored other books, including "The Goal, It's Not Luck," and "Critical Chain."

Conference sponsor Dr. Charlene Spoede, professor of accounting, said Goldratt is best known as the developer of the theory of constraints and as the founder of the Goldratt Institute in New Haven, Conn. She described Goldratt as "one of the foremost logical thinkers of our day." She said his books have revolutionized the way executives manage their organizations to become world-class competitors. "Now his ideas are beginning to change the way we educate students," she added.

Spoede said Goldratt will explain the scientific basis of theory of constraints and its impact across various disciplines, as well as discuss the integration of theory of constraints into conventional curriculum.

For more information, contact Spoede at 710-4763.

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