Statement From The Office Of The Student Body President

Dec. 7, 2004

Statement about the faculty referendum released by the Office of the Student Body President:

Student Government supported a resolution on October 3, 2004 calling for the Faculty Senate to withdraw their call for a referendum on the Presidency of Dr. Robert Sloan. The Faculty Senate denied our request and carried out the referendum vote last week. We believe that the recent Faculty Referendum was divisive and that it will prove ineffective in achieving reconciliation. The results of the referendum do nothing but to once again state what we already know: That there are debates and divisions that still remain amongst the faculty over President Robert Sloan and his administration. All parties should realize that the ultimate responsibility in this dilemma lies with the Board of Regents. We call for divisive steps such as these to come to an end so that Baylor students can move forward, continuing to be proud of the University that we all love so dearly and so that true unity and reconciliation may be achieved.

This week, Baylor students are studying for finals and are traveling home to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. We reflect on the fall semester with great appreciation for those who devoted themselves to the Baylor student body to make our experience at Baylor over the past several months exciting, meaningful and challenging. We anticipate a great spring and we pray that all Baylor students return safely to Waco for what promises to be another exciting semester on Baylor's campus.

Student Government wishes all Baylor students and the entire Baylor family Happy Holidays. As we enter into this holiday season we again reiterate our call for peace, understanding and unity in the Baylor family.

For more information, contact Student Body President Jeff Leach at (254) 710-4082.

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