1,574 Students Indicate Interest in Career Ministry

Feb. 23, 1998

The Baylor University ministry guidance office recently reported that 1,574 students enrolled this spring indicated an interest in a ministry career.

Students interested in ministry this semester represent more than one-seventh of the student body. Approximately one-tenth of Baylor students annually express an interest in a ministry vocation.

Dr. David Slover, associate professor of religion and director of ministry guidance, said this does not mean that all 1,574 students have publicly committed to the ministry.

"This report means that at this time these students have an interest in exploring ministry as a vocation," he said. "A Baylor ministry student is one who has answered yes to the following question: 'Are you interested in pursuing vocational Christian ministry?'"

Students showed interest in the areas of pastoral ministry, education, music and missions. Pastoral ministry includes preaching and counseling ministries and education includes youth, recreation and college ministries.

One hundred twenty-seven students indicated an interest in pastoral ministry. Education ministry comprised 142 students and music totaled 79 students.

One hundred and thirty-one students expressed an interest in missions while 1,095 students have not decided or indicated an unspecified ministry.

For more information, contact Slover at 710-3739.

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