Bakke to Speak in Baylor Chapel-Forum Feb. 9

Feb. 6, 1998

Dr. Raymond J. Bakke will speak at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 9, during Chapel-Forum in Baylor University's Waco Hall. Bakke currently serves as the executive director of International Urban Associates (IUA), a Chicago-based network of church and mission leaders..

Bakke has personally led or served as a major resource leader for urban ministry consultants in more than 200 large cities on six continents. Bakke says IUA provides leadership consultants to urban churches that generate vision, partnerships, motivation and resources so that the "whole church can take the whole gospel to the whole city."

As an inner-city pastor in both Seattle and Chicago, Bakke co-founded the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education and taught at Trinity College and McCormick Theological Seminary. He serves as professor of global urban ministry at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Bakke has authored several books on urban church building including The Urban Church, which has been translated into seven different languages.

For more information on Bakke or his appearance in Chapel-Forum, contact the Baylor Office of the Chaplain at 710-3517.

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