Balloon Glow And Concert Photo Feature

  • News Photo 2236
    Baylor Sciences Building
  • News Photo 2237
    BU balloon
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    balloons over marina
  • News Photo 2221
    Balloons over Burleson
  • News Photo 2227
    BU balloon and stage
  • News Photo 2224
    setting up balloon
  • News Photo 2225
    inside balloon
  • News Photo 2226
  • News Photo 2231
    Dennis McDaniel
  • News Photo 2232
    Spensha Baker
  • News Photo 2233
    Emily Chapman
  • News Photo 2234
    Steven Curtis Chapman
  • News Photo 2229
    balloon glow
  • News Photo 2230
    glow, laser from up high
Sept. 19, 2004

A record-breaking crowd of 30,000 people jammed Baylor University's Floyd Casey Stadium for the fourth annual Balloon Glow and Concert, featuring Steven Curtis Chapman, a GRAMMY and Dove Award-winning recording artist and a Baylor "Dad."

This year's event was held in conjunction with the Curves Balloon Classic, during which more than 30 hot air balloons competed for honors in the skies over Baylor and Central Texas.

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