Plans Proposed For Sid Richardson, Marrs McLean

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    The common areas will feature a contemporary look.
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    Baylor Success Center, first floor
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    Baylor Success Center, field level
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    The courtyard will provide attractive green space and a water feature.
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    Office spaces will maximize use of outside light.
Sept. 2, 2004

by Judy Long

As the new Baylor Sciences Building opened for classes, plans for the mostly vacated Sid Richardson and Marrs McLean science buildings are moving forward.

Tests on Sid Richardson and Marrs McLean buildings revealed that the structural integrity of both buildings is excellent, and both 40-year-old buildings will be renovated for departments and services in need of extra space, said Rick L. Creel, associate vice president for operations and facilities.

"In our master planning we are working toward being good stewards, not just with the new space, but with the space we already have," he said.

Creel said plans for the Sid Richardson building are further along in development than those for Marrs McLean. Baylor's board of regents has already approved for fundraising to begin for the Sid Richardson project. The board will still have to approve the final design and budget.

Once sufficient funds have been raised, the field level, or lower level, and first floor of Sid Richardson will become the new home of the Academic Success Center, bringing together five academic student services in one location--academic advisement, the academic support program, the office of access and learning accommodation, the student-athlete services study center and career counseling.

"We are 'repurposing' the buildings. Now, it's a matter of donors catching the vision for a student-benefiting program," said Creel.

The second and third floors of Sid Richardson will house the departments of mathematics and psychology. For the first time in many years, the entire math faculty will reside under one roof.

Psychology faculty offices have moved with the rest of the psychology and neurosciences department into the Baylor Sciences Building, but psychology classes will be taught in renovated Sid Rich classrooms. Faculty and student community areas designed to foster collaboration will be included in the renovation.

To complete Sid Rich's makeover, all common areas and the courtyard will be refurbished. The courtyard will feature landscaped gardens, a winding path and a coffee and food kiosk inside.

Creel said project plans for Marrs McLean have not yet been formalized, but discussions are underway to earmark space in the building as a venue for hosting conferences and promoting more collaborative research between faculty, graduate students and the private sector, such as pharmaceutical and other research companies.

The department of statistics will remain in Marrs McLean, and the department of communication studies will expand into the second wing of the building, providing offices for graduate students and other faculty.

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