University Ministries Offers Exciting Chapel Schedule

Sept. 1, 2004

by Kim Skinner, Student Newswriter

Every year new students are encouraged to enroll in Chapel, the oldest tradition on Baylor's campus. This fall Baylor University Ministries has worked hard to put together an exciting lineup of guests to perform and challenge Chapel students.

"This semester's Chapel," said Dr. Todd Lake, Dean of University Ministries, "features a wide diversity of speakers and performers who are outstanding at what they do as an expression of their faith in Christ."

Chapel will welcome speakers from all different professions, such as journalists, business leaders, social activists and ordained ministers. Dr. Randall O'Brien and Dr. Todd Lake are a few of the guests from Baylor's own faculty who will address the Chapel students this fall, but most of the guests are from different parts of the country. Some guests even work overseas, such as Baylor alumnus Scott James, who uses his MBA to help poor coffee farmers in Central America.

"It's a new day in Chapel," Lake said. "Many have commented on how good it is to see 4,000 students worshipping together each Monday and Wednesday."

Every Chapel opens with worship music, led by Ryan Richardson, an aviation science major from Spring, and Megan McCallon, a journalism major from Kentucky.

Churches and ministries set up booths outside of Chapel to help students get involved in everything from the Catholic Student Center to Mission Waco. New students are also enrolled in Chapel Fridays, a small group of students led by a faculty or staff member who discuss the Chapel programs for the week. These small groups meet for the first six weeks of each semester and provide an opportunity for new students to meet and foster deeper relationships.

Chapel meets at 10 and 11 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday in Waco Hall and guests are always welcome. Chapel may also be viewed live online.

For a complete Chapel schedule or to view Chapel live go to

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