Entering Fall Class Sets New Mark For Baylor Law

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Law students soon face the challenges of Practice Court, Baylor Law School's nationally ranked advocacy program. Here, Professor Mark Osler, right, observes a student's jury presentation. A former U.S. Assistant Attorney, Osler developed an outstanding reputation as a prosecutor, serving as lead counsel for the government in more than 20 major felony trials.
Aug. 23, 2004

by Alan Hunt

The 66 students who matriculated into Baylor Law School this week in the 2004 fall entering class established two significant firsts in the school's 147-year history, said Law Dean Brad Toben.

First, he said, the credentials of the entering class surpass those of any prior entering class. "The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) percentiles match 2003, but the UGPAs (undergraduate grade-point averages) are higher than 2003," said Toben. The standard reported grade-point range for 2004 is 3.97 to 3.74 compared to 3.90 to 3.45 for 2003. The median LSAT for the class was a 162, which is in the top 11th scoring percentile nationally.

Second, Toben said, the group includes the highest proportion of women ever welcomed in an entering class -- 38 women (57.6 percent) and 28 men(42.4 percent). "Our overall female enrollment prior to this class has been most recently 42 percent. We have tried to conform our recruitment efforts in some contexts to attract more female students. Perhaps these efforts are showing results now," said Toben.

The 2004 fall entering class comprises 47 students indicating Texas residency and 19 out-of-state residents. Toben said the top "feeder" schools for the entering class were Texas A&M University, with 10 students, and the University of Texas at Austin, which provided eight new law students.

The dean said Baylor Law continues to attract some of the most qualified law school students in the country due to the team efforts of a dedicated faculty and staff and adherence to a tried and proven philosophy and approach to legal education that has guided the school throughout its modern history.

"The quality of our most recent class has set a new mark for Baylor Law School, and it is with great anticipation that we welcome these students," he said.

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